Anyone working in Chicago

  1. Hello!

    DH and I are making the move from Southern CA to Chicago sometime this year and I have a few general questions about hospitals/pay/experiences there! I've been googling like crazy and now my head is spinning!

    I know many of us like to remain anonymous so please feel free to PM me if you have any info that could help!

    Here's an idea of what I am trying to find out:

    - Are there any large Level III NICUs you would recommend? I am used to large teaching hospitals, ECMO, and would prefer a unit that sees more ELBW infants than surgical cases.

    - A general idea of pay for someone with a BSN and 4 1/2 yrs experience? What about Differentials? Any idea about payrate for Per Diem nurses (once a week with no benefits).

    Anything else you have to add would be great! I love where I currently work & it is very scary to think of having to start all over again with no ideas about the hospitals/cities!
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