Anyone know anything about Banner Desert's new grad class

  1. Hello all, just wondering if anyone out there could give me any info on the new grad class that the banner desert nicu has. I am a major planner and was just wondering how the scheduling goes, class time, clinical time and so on. I graduate in june and I believe they hold new grad classes in July and Feb. of each year. I want to work nights but I am assuming that the new grad class/orientation is during the day.
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    I know they have didactics in July and Feb., for the graduating classes. Even if you want to work nights, you might end up orienting on days. I can't give any specifics as far as times and schedules, those are questions that you need to ask the nurse recruiter at Banner Desert.

    Maybe try the AZ forum as this is specific to AZ.