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NICU nurse aspiring to be ER or ICU/CCU nurse

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Hi I am a NICU nurse with 1 year experience back home. I came to Toronto, Canada and got my license. Since I knew that job competition is really tight here I enrolled myself to Coronary Care 1 and 2, took ACLS and about to take a fulltime course for Critical Care Nursing Program (distance learning) in May. I just had an interview for a NICU position and I have a strong feeling that I'll get it. My dilemma is, I love NICU nursing but I have this passion to extend my knowledge skills when it comes to adult acute and critical care. I am also scheduled for 2 interviews both for ER position. I am thinking of accepting the NICU offer and if I get the job for ER I am also willing to accept it. lol. I am really torn. Honestly, when I was in NICU I kinda forgot my general nursing skills and knowledge. NICU is a highly specialized field, I love it but still I find myself wanting for more. Also, having experience in adult care opens a lot of opportunities and advancement in career. Hope to get advise from nurses out there.

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