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NGT policies about days until removal for Neonates


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I am here posting for the Nurse Clinician in my hospital. She needs to know what is being done in your hospitals (your policy please). I have done all the literature searching (medical and nursing.) Plus the usual Google/Google Scholar. 🙂

We would like to know what other hospitals are doing for "replacement times" (is it daily or days - how many or weeks or what time frame is it ) for nasogastric tubes (NGT) for neonatal patients.

Would you be willing to tell us what you do in your facility for " replacement time?"

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1 month.

If OGT/NGT surgically placed, like with TEF, stays in as long as surgery wants.


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If they are in the NICU: 28 days unless ordered otherwise (typically for surgery or other complex placement).

In the PICU or Cardiac ICU they stay until they go bad, we don’t have a policy on rotating them.