NG Tube insertion question


Has 2 years experience.

I was attempting to insert an NGT and less than 2" in (before the tip passed the nasal area) I was meeting resistance and heard a cracking sound, which freaked me out so I removed the tube. It kind of sounded like pop rocks. I thought I had broken my pt's cartilage somehow, but there was no pain and no blood. Another nurse who was with me said it was probably air bubbles. I asked her to take over and it was placed successfully, and 2 days later pt is still okay.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Could it have been the cartilage? I can't stop thinking about this and it's gotten me spooked and scared of future attempts. BTW, in over a year, this was only my 3rd attempt to place an NGT, so it's still a skill I'm not 100% confident in.