Next assignment poll


Hello fellow travelers!

I'm doing some research on how nurses look for their next assignment. Please take a moment to answer the following survey questions. Short and sweet, I promise!

1. How do you search for your next assignment? (Check all that apply)

Job board sites (ie: Monster, Indeed)

Agency websites

I call the agencies

Other (please specify)

2. If using a job board website to find your next assignment, what options would you like to have? (check all that apply)

Searching without registering

Being able to contact the agency via the job board

Searching by location

Searching by specialty

Searching by agency

Registering WITHOUT being spammed by recruiters

Other (please specify)

3. What do you like least about searching for your next assignment on websites?


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Agency websites (especially those that have a "job board" to look at) to get an idea about availability and pay in the area. Specialty search. Least favorite is when there is no compensation offered.