NewYork nclex reapplication


Hi fellow nurses,

Just to ask for some help and questions I am planning to take NY nclex exam. I already processed all my papers like my credetuals are evaluated already my cgfns. Applied Also and got my ATT ftom NYSED last 2008, but fir some reason I didnt continue and didnt took the exam that time, now im planning again to take the exam. I contacted the NYSED regarding my case and they told me that I need to register and pay $200 at pearson vue and then they will send my new ATT again. My question is does anyone here knows ir have any idea how long I will wait for my new ATT?

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Pearsonvue should send it straight away

NursePao, BSN

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You may inform NYSEd once you made the payment. They will send ATT right away. Good luck!