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Newborn Care Map

I am about to start my postpartum clinicals where we also take care of the newborns as well. Before we go to clinicals my instructor has asked that we come up with 5 nursing diagnoses that would apply to mostly any healthy newborn. I've come up with a few but I'm having trouble because I haven't assessed a baby to have information to come up with diagnoses based on the infant. The ones that I have are Ineffective thermoregulation, nutrition less than body requirements,and at risk for infection. I also have the related to portion, but those may change depending on the baby once I actually get my patient assignment and can assess. I just feel that I'm stuck here because I don't have a patient that I'm using information to form these and my book just isn't helpful. I have looked at several sources. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jolie, BSN

Specializes in Maternal - Child Health. Has 34 years experience.

Some of the more common minor problems observed in the "normal" healthy newborn include potential exposure to maternal beta-strep, temperature instability, transient tachypnea, glucose instability, difficulty with breastfeeding, jaundice and circumcision care.

You've already covered some of these.

Good luck.

Thank you, Jolie! I think I have completed it now! :)

Effective breastfeeding, Ineffective breastfeeding, Risk for SIDS

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