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  1. Hello Everyone-After i graduate from highschool, I would like to work in the Healthy baby Nursery. I would like to know the process to getting there, From Highschool,on..etc..I would also like to know for the rest of my highschool year, is there anything i can do now,in a Hospital,involving this. Id apprieciate it very much.
    -Thanks in advance
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  3. by   -jt
    <is there anything i can do now,in a Hospital,involving this.>

    Some babies are left in hospitals for one reason or another. They need to be held, fed, and rocked. Call the hospital volunteer dept and ask to be assigned as a baby volunteer. Your city's public hospitals or county hospitals could probably use the help most. After graduation, you might even be able to get a job at that hospital as a nurses aide in that area.... part time.... while you go to nursing school.
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    hi-thanks for the advice and information. its a big help. i did call the hospital and i found out i can volunteer in the baby area, so everything is working out great!
    -thanks again to everyone
    ~keep in touch