Westchester Medical Center NY

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Does anyone know about Westchester Medical Center and how they treat new grads? what is their oirientation like?
    Also, does anyone know salary and benefits???
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  3. by   CeeLoNY
    I hear it is a good place to work. However, a few girls I grad with got suckered into starting in the PICU and they all quit! They were so stressed out b/c their orientation was only a few months and they did not feel comfortable. So I would suggest starting on a reg med surg floor 1st...Oh but their pay is pretty bad i think it was around 56,000
  4. by   Rosewater71
    is westchester medical center still hiring new grads ??
  5. by   Nurse Connie
    There was some negative feedback on the salary thread in the stickies belowbut that was for Northern Westchester Medical Center, not sure if it's the same.
  6. by   DelleBrock
    WCMC had laid off two hundred and something nurses back in December of last year. And a hundred and something admin staff. I was one of them. News channel 12 reported 2 weeks ago they let go another hundred and change. Doubt they are hiring nurses. They are suppose to let go more by end of the year.