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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

  1. by   DOH85
    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to wish everyone luck on the admission process. I just got accepted into the program for May 2010, and I heard so many good things about the program at UR. Everyone just stay positive!

    Kebunt- Congratulations!!
  2. by   Xtina2010

    is it all via phone or have people gotten letters? i can't even remember which phone number I gave!
  3. by   kebunt
    Xtina - They told me that they mailed letters out in the beginning of the week but just in case the letters hadn't been received yet they were calling with the good news... Personally, I got the phone call but still no letter. Yours will probably take even longer to deliver since you're out on the West Coast, right? Good luck!!

    DOH85 - Thanks and congrats to you too!
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  4. by   Xtina2010
    Ok, after hearing everyone had gotten phone calls, I just assumed I didn't get in...but today I got a call! YAY!

    I am having mixed feelings right now because I just got an AMAZING job offer I don't think I can turn down. Does anyone know if they allow deferment? CONGRATS to everyone who was accepted!
  5. by   kebunt
    Xtina, How nice to have to decide between a great school and a great job offer!

    They certainly used to allow deferment, so I imagine they still do... There were some previous students profiled on the SON homepage and a couple mentioned that they initially had to defer...

    Whatever you decide - Congrats!
  6. by   AnthonyD
    Congrats!! I was away for Christmas and arrived home on Sunday to find my letter waiting for me, I got the phone call yesterday. (Now on to the next step - figuring out how to pay for this!)

    Class of 2011!!!
  7. by   jetta841602
    when did everyone, who got accepted, apply and interview for the program?
  8. by   ruaalien2
    I'm looking into the program for next year! Any advice would be great!
  9. by   LizettePS
    For those who already heard back in December, when did you turn in your applications? I still have yet to hear, so I'm pretty sure I didn't get in. Just curious.
  10. by   kebunt
    Lizette - I don't think you should assume the worst. I was one of the first applicants and I applied and interviewed back in mid-September. I believe AnthonyD mentioned that he interviewed really early too. When I spoke with admissions in mid-December, they told me they would be sending out notifications through the middle of February. They said they had so many applicants that it was just taking them longer to work through all the files.

    Besides, if all the notifications had gone out, you would have heard either way by now, right? I know the waiting sucks, and I'm glad mine is over, but hang in there! Hopefully you'll get some good news soon!

    Hi Ruealien - I think U of R has a great approach, and they seem much more interested in finding the right people for their program and less hung up on stats. A very personal approach and everyone there is extremely friendly and accessible. Seems like a really good environment. Feel free to PM if you need any specifics...

    AnthonyD - CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome! Pretty great Christmas present, huh? :giftbox:
  11. by   LizettePS
    Thanks kebunt! You're right. I really shouldn't worry too much. Waiting does bite though. I do hope to hear something soon. So far, I've sent out 3 applications, and got waitlisted on one of them. The other 2 I have yet to hear back from. Congrats on your acceptance!
  12. by   bean88
    Hey LizettePS, I applied the end of October and the advisor said to me that the decisions will be made sometimes between mid february to the end of february. So I am still waiting here.
    Good Luck, there should be a hope still.
  13. by   kebunt
    Lisette and Bean88 - Sounds like files are being reviewed in the order they were completed...Good luck to you both and I hope you hear something soon!