Transfer Nursing Credits in NY

  1. Is there anyone who knows schools in NY that accept transfer Nursing Credits from accredited an University? Please respond back, whether it be an accelerated program or not? I just like to keepall my options open. Thanx is in advance everyone
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  3. by   Gentleman_nurse
    I'm curious about this too. So far the only school I've found is Excelsior College.
  4. by   guiltysins
    Most schools that I know of won't accept nursing credits for some reason. Which is always been pretty weird seeing as most of the nursing programs keep to the same kind of classes.
  5. by   Had2dawg
    Thanx a lot for that NY teach. I am going to look ino that. Does anyone else out there in the tri-state area knows a school that accepts transfer Nursing credits? Please help out a fellow nursing aspiree lol.
  6. by   jgolden972
    I know someone who transfered into American University of Antigua with one year left to go. Check it out here.