SUNY Downstate Graduate Program

  1. I just finished reading a thread below about how SUNY Downstate is so hard to get into for Undergraduates. I am applying to their Graduate Womens Health Nurse Practitioner Program and boy am I nervous now. Does anyone know how hard it is to get into the Graduate program? I am sure it has to be worse than the Undergrad. I have a 3.4 GPA, ALOT of community service that I do every week on my campus, hospital clinical experience, 45 hours of observational work with a gynecologist, five recommendations and one being from a Doctor at SUNY Downstate Medical center. I thought that I would have a good chance but now that I have read that thread I am feeling hopeless.
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  3. by   kgrands
    Hi NYC44,
    From what I've heard, the undergraduate accelerated program is so hard to get into b/c there are SO MANY applicants - around 500 for 50 seats. I'm pretty sure that the graduate program doesn't have as many applicants so it changes the situation a bit.

    You sound like you have everything together though - so don't worry!

    I put my application in for the accelerated BSN program on 10/18 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed - I just can't be sure though. Just curious, where did you get your RN degree? NYC school? How did you like the program?

    Good luck!