SUNY Brooklyn Accelerated BSN Program

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  3. by   loriann
    Hi there:

    I was accepted to SUNY Downstate for this summer for the accelerated program, but asked for a deferment due to personal reasons. I found out yesterday that they granted the deferment (Yeah!!!!), so I will start next year.

    The program begins at the beginning of June each year and is very intensive as it is 15-month program. Students I have spoken to tell me they are unable to hold even part-time jobs and spend an entire 15 months dedicated to school. Hope some of this helps!!!
  4. by   rastanursern
    My cousin actually goes to that program, she graduated in May, but actually finishes in Aug. She says the program has it's good and bad, especially due to the fact that her class was the first ones to start the program. Best of luck, and you should do fine, just study hard.
  5. by   LauraNY
    I have also been wondering about downstates 15months program. I am so worried I am not going to get in. I am applying soon. I heard there are hundreds of people rejected every year. They only have around 30 slots. So how hard exactly is the program???