St. Paul's School of Nursing SI Fall 2018

  1. Hi I applied for the St Paul's School of Nursing staten island Fall 2018 program. I took all the the test and fully submitted my application. Has anyone heard back from them yet or have a clue about when they will be notifying applicants about acceptance. TIA
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  3. by   Lpn-J
    Yes, I received a call. When did you take the HESI?
  4. by   Mariya_zaf
    I took the HESI May 23. When did you hear back from them?
  5. by   Lpn-J
    Sorry, I didn't realize this was for Staten Island.
  6. by   deanna.linda96
    I did! On July 11th !
  7. by   Jb214
    I just got the call I'm in for the fall too
  8. by   deanna.linda96
    thats awesome ! cant wait for orientation!
  9. by   Jb214
    Thank you!! I'm so excited! Are you going to the Staten Island campus as well?
  10. by   deanna.linda96
    YES !
  11. by   Shesamazing
    yes !! I got the call July 6th !!
  12. by   Shesamazing
    Congratulations !!
  13. by   Shesamazing
    Quote from deanna.linda96
    thats awesome ! cant wait for orientation!
    Im excited for orientation as well. I know once that comes i will feel like Im in for sure. lol
  14. by   Jb214
    Same here! Lol