Spring 2018 bsn molloy

  1. Hey recently applied for the spring. I did the nelson denny and math screenings last week. Waiting to hear back to see if im accepted. My question is how is everyone planning on paying for tuition? I don't think federal loans will be enough and my credit is horrible at this time. Does anyone know any private loans that would help me cover the gap?
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  3. by   NYtoCARN
    I ended up going a different route, but when I was looking into I went to the financial aid office and they had a bunch of hand outs on loan companies and their rates. It's worth dropping in!
  4. by   Alicia1636
    Thank you. I'm going to their open house on Sun and try to get more educated on the financial aide process. Hopefully, if i do get accepted, i can financially make it happen with bad credit.
  5. by   scoffey23
    Hi Alicia! I am also going to be starting at Molloy in the Spring and need to look into private loans. So far I have narrowed down to suntrust, discover and wells fargo but I am still not sure which to do. Have you gotten anymore info on this?