Sloan Kettering Clinic RNs? What's it like?

  1. I have been interviewing at MSKCC for multiple clinic RN positions at MSKCC. I was wondering if any nurse currently in this position can give me any insight on the position?

    I do not have an oncology background so I would also like to know the training, orientation and learning curve. I am coming from an acute care environment. So basically here's what I want to know:

    1) Pay and benefits
    2) Orientation/training/learning curve for position
    3) Communication between MD and RN
    4) Stress level of position/most challenging aspect
    5) Opportunities for advancement.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   OneSailor'sNurse
    Bumping this, as I have an interview coming up and am wondering the same.