sick of mandates

  1. what is the ny law. I work for a nursing home in upstate ny and they mandate every chance they can get any info on this what is our rights?
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    are you in a union
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    Here is a quote and a link form a NYS labor website for ya.

    Q: How many hours can an employer ask an employee to work?

    A: There are no restrictions on the number of work hours per day, except for children under 18. Likewise, there are no restrictions on how early in the morning, or how late in the evening, an adult employee may work. In some industries and occupations, an employee must receive 24 hours of rest in each calendar week, for example, work in a factory, mercantile establishment, hotel, and restaurant (except resort/seasonal hotels and small, rural restaurants), as well as elevator operator, watchman, janitor or superintendent.

    For a complete list of the "day of rest" provision of the law, go to:
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