Second Degree Student with a Low GPA

  1. Very Simple: I graduated from City College with a 2.5 GPA in Psychology. (I wish it was better but I went through a lot family issues for the past few years.) I also completed all of the science pre-reqs with Cs and Bs. I really want to become RN but my grades do not show my passion towards nursing. The reason is that I have never been good in science but I am determine in becoming a nurse. What should I do? Do you think I have a chance in being accepted into a BSN program? PLEASE HELP!
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  3. by   Tutz926
    Its probably more realistic for you to apply for an ASN program and then when your done bridge and do an RN to BSN program. BSN programs are soooo competitive and realistically B's and C's are frowned upon. They at least want to see a few A's in the major science courses. Another thing is BSN school look at the cumulative GPA , ASN schools from what I know don't.

    Getting in the door first is the most realistic and then work your way up to a BSN. Tons of people to it and a nurse is a nurse no matter what. It just might take you a longer time.

    hope this was helpful. Good Luck!!!