Scope of practice NYS: nrs assist/care attendent/cna/nrs tech/pca/med asst/nurs aide

  1. Hello all,

    I am researching for one of the nurse clinicians at my hospital. I am not having much luck (though I have calls into the Nursing Board and a law library to look at the nursing laws). I am thinking if I can find scopes of practice of practice of the following positions I could at least answer 1-2 of the questions. Any ideas?

    Here are some of the terms: nursing assistant, nursing aide, CNA, care attendant, patient care attendant (PCA), CNA, nursing technician, medical assistant. I am sure I left out a few that I don't know about (other words used in your hospital)

    Does anyone have any thoughts suggestions where to look for the following?

    1. Role of care attendant/nurse techician to take oxygen levels with O2 Sat monitors

    2. Best practice / benchmarks - vital signs for acute medical-surgical populations. I am checking nursing books/databases but so far definitive.

    3. Can a care attendant take patient blood glucose with a monitor?

    Always grateful for your help,

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