Pace University in NYC

  1. Anyone attended PACE in NYC and completed the accelerated BSN? I am told this can be completed in one year if your prereqs are completed. Any gaduates out there? curious about the program....
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  3. by   jfmfdny
    Hey Grace, I'm in the program now. I just finished the first semester and will graduate in late August. The program is difficult but not impossible. It's a full time job. We are at school from 9-4 almost every day when not doing clinicals. The program is very unorganized though with many last minute changes. They have informational sessions every month for prospective students. Come check out the school.

    Good Luck.

  4. by   graceland
    Hi J,

    Thanks so much for responding. If you don't mind, i want to pick your brain for more info! Did you have to complete prereqs before entering the program and if so, where did you take them? What made you decide to go to Pace and did you find it to be the only school in this area to offer a one year BSN?