NYU and Molloy College Accelerated Nursing Spring 2018

  1. Hi everyone!

    So, my top choices for spring 2018 admission are the accelerated nursing programs at NYU and Molloy College.

    Has anyone applied to these programs for spring 2018 and heard back yet? I applied to both back in the beginning of August, and it's almost the end of October. I figured I'd hear back from at least one by now...the wait has been excruciating!

    Also, for anyone who has been accepted/knows of people who have been accepted... does anyone know what GPA these schools look for in an applicant? I know NYU won't look at your app if you don't have at least a 3.0, and same goes for Molloy if you don't have at least a 3.3. But does anyone know what the average GPAs for admission to these programs are? What did you guys have going into these schools?

    Thanks! Hope to hear back soon!
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  3. by   sgtrnff
    Pick Molloy, great school great experience great atmosphere. The student body is more conservative yet friendly and grounded. Molloy nurse graduates are very well respected and usually hired even before their interview knowing the challenges the student curriculum involved. Awesome school you will have no regrets!!!