NYP-Cornell New Grad Hiring Process, Orientation length, etc

  1. Has anyone recently been hired as a new grad to NYP-Cornell? Can you tell me about the hiring process? i.e. - How many interviews did you go on? How much time between the date you sent an application & resume and the date of your first interview? What do you think of their new grad nurse residency program? I think I have a good shot at a job there- so I'm just wondering more about the logistics of the hiring process if you don't mind sharing.

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  3. by   PRNketamine7
    Hi there,
    I see that this is a year old post, but I am wondering if you got the job?
    I am a new grad, and I applied to NYP-Cornell as well.
    Any information you have about their new grad program would be much appreciated.
    Thank you