Ny Nclex-rn Pass Rates

  1. does anyone know where to find the nclex-rn pass rates for schools in nys?
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  3. by   xjae
    I heard Laguardia Community Collge has a 100% passing rate and NYCCT has 95% but I can't guarantee that it's right
  4. by   QnZShOrTiE2Nv
    i heard the same thing about laguardia's passing rate!
  5. by   Lilluv117
    I heard Nassau Community College had a high passing rate too... I don't remember if it was 100% but I know it is very close to it.

    LIU Bklyn has a very low passing rate... A professor told me it was like 30% or something.
  6. by   QnZShOrTiE2Nv
    that's probably why so many pple are getting accepted into the nursing program there. one of my friends, goes to liu brooklyn and he said the program is ok!