NY cna schools?

  1. Hallo,
    Can anyone recommend CNA classes schools in Manhattan,Bronx,Westchester area?
    Thank you
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  3. by   AliciaMarieGPN
    I live way up in central NY..around Syracuse. I don't know about down there, but up here there are no real CNA SCHOOLS. Only a month long class that nursing homes usually teach. Call around to local nursing homes/hospitals. They should definitely be able to tell you.
  4. by   dlab24
    Sharry, I live in the Bronx. I just enrolled in Manhattan Institute for their CNA program. The total cost is $799....$70 enrolment fee and you can pay $125/wk while u attend. The program is 6weeks long for nights and 4 wks for days, plus 1 wk intern. Hope this helps.


    The next night class will start on 10/16/06
  5. by   olivia28
    Click on the link below for NYS CNA programs