NSLIJ Telemetry

  1. Hi there,

    I recently interviewed at NSLIJ for a tele position and am hoping I got it!

    One thing that concerned me was it was mentioned that the nurse-patient ratio was 6-8, which seems a little high to me. The manager was mainly talking about nights in her explanation of a lot of things so I am assuming this is the night ratio (I should have clarified but got super nervous). There are ancillary staff on all shifts. Whats mind boggling is that NSLIJ is so patient oriented and what not that I am trying to tell myself this ratio is safe, or else it wouldn't be the case.

    Anyone here work on tele and what is your ratio. I did some research on the site, I know there are a lot of threads regarding ratio but nothing specific to NSLIJ (unless I missed it).

    Also do you enjoy working there? They are checking references (had interview at end of this week) so I am taking this as a good sign.

    I have another job offer at a city hospital so I am really trying to consider all options here.
    Any insight is appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!
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