1. Did everyone recieve their ATT as of yet and how long did it take after you applied to recieve your ATT? Why is the New york boards taking 10 weeks minimum to process applications?
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  3. by   cindjo717
    I applied for my boards online, took my NCLEX on Jan 9th. It took them three days or so to send me my ATT by email.
  4. by   IloveNursing2214
    I graduated December 21st. Got my att January 15th , and took my Nclex January 16th . It was a quick process . Call them . Some of my friends I graduated with dont have it yet .
  5. by   sweetnurse786
    Paid NY state their money, paid Pearsonvue $200 and within a few days, I got my ATT...did you pay the NY state and pearsonvue money?