Moving Back to NY

  1. I am originally from NYC and like everyone else who leaves, I'm considering moving back there, but realize how expensive it is. I am preparing to enter nursing school and just wondering if nursing salaries there are enough to make it possible to afford to live there.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Depends on where you are wanting to live. Center of Fifth Avenue? No!
    But the salaries are quite good, and especially if you are single............can't beat the night life.

    Have fun...............
  4. by   I Dream of Nursing
    I believe they offer RNs 50 an hour, LPNs something like 28. Stay in the suburbs, and buy a condo/co-op, because ur gona end up losing money for what the land lords are gona charge ya. The price of houses are much to high, but its starting to decline as interest rates are going up. So yes, co-ops good renting bad.
  5. by   Freeda
    Sounds good. I have two children so I know I probably won't be able to afford to move back to where I grew up @ E86 & 2nd Ave...however, compared to social work, which I am doing a career change from, that salary sounds dandy! :hatparty: