Molloy's Dual Degree vs. Binghamton's BAT Program

  1. I was recently accepted to Molloy's dual degree program (starting in the Spring) and Binghamton's BAT program which starts in May. However, I'm having some difficulty making a final decision as to where I should attend. I'm from the Queens, so Molloy would be convenient for me to commute to and the clinical sites within Long Island. It also might be easier to find a job within the LI and NYC area if I choose Molloy. On the other hand, Binghamton offers a shorter clear-cut program. Although very condensed, it would definitely take less time to complete. I heard that Molloy can take more than 2 years because of the way it's set up. I am a recent graduate from Stony Brook where I completed most prereqs. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
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