Molloy Dual Degree w/BSN midway?

  1. Hello,

    I've read many threads on Molloys dual degree program. Ive read a few times that during the program you could obtain your bsn midway. I want to know someone's personal experience (or even hearsay) of how long through the program do you earn the BSN portion?

    I also hear different versions of the length of the program but i guess that has to do with the prereqs and whether summer is taken off. I've seen 2.5 years a few times, I've seen three years a couple times. I've even seen someone write that their counselor said they will graduate May 18 if the start Jan 17(5 semesters straight). Somehow I think there is a typo in there somewhere. Anyway if anyone could help with 1. Information about obtaining the bsn during the dual degree program and 2. Info on the length of the program. I don't think I will take summers off and I will have prereqs finished. Thank you.
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