mentor advice please. CNA starting from the bottom

  1. I am currently pursuing my nursing career by starting off with my CNA certificate. I would like to know what is the best way to get into the hospitals in nyc. My ultimate goal is to become a np in the nicu. I`ll like to start as a CNA since i`ve noticed many nurses are`nt getting hired without experience. I will be taking quite a paycut from my current job but i am willing and ready to start my journey. I would like a someone that is experienced that started from the bottom. What advice can you give me when deciding on private schools or cuny, lpn-rn bridge or go straight to bsn. Keep in mind i would like to get into 1199 for tuition reimbursement program. How should I go about it?

    Any insite on what my career path should look like? Help Please.
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    I'm curious about this also .