LTC facilities in the NYC area

  1. Do any nurses in this forum work or have previously worked at LTC facilities in the NYC area or surrounding suburbs?

    Which ones were hospitable places for staff nurses?

    Some LTC and rehab facilities are heavily recruiting new grads. Would you recommend a new grad start at such a place, especially to brush up on the basics of nursing?
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  3. by   wisedome

    i don't live in nyc area, but to answer your other question...if you have the opportunity/choice i strongly suggest working in a hospital 1st. that's where you will get the best experience, and the chance to actually use your nursing skills and gain great assessment skills.

    my 1st job was on the high risk ob/gyn floor, my dream job. but after i got 1 yr experience i went in-house and floated to the other floors so i could have a more diverse nursing background. then i worked for an agency and worked at nursing homes. that helped me to find the cream of the crop.

    also the nursing homes will then pay you more when you directly work for them and you'll feel way more comfortable.

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