Looking for summer internship

  1. Hello Everyone.

    I am a college student looking for summer internship this summer. is there one there for me ? please let me know.
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  3. by   delia2007
    I externed in westchester @ WMC, but I know Lennox Hill, Mt. Sinai, Memorial sloan, LIU and NYU have summer externships.
  4. by   CeeLoNY
    Hey i interned at memorial Sloan Kettering last summer. I really liked it! You should def look into it.
  5. by   pboak001
    oh thank you so much i will look into that .
  6. by   yaelsadykov
    hi, im a kingsboro nursing student, and i really want to find a externiship in a hospital for the summer, but as far as i know, i dont know any hospitals that still accept applicants this late, can anybody please tell me??
  7. by   am0r803
    as far as I know, nobody is still accepting applicants. But you can look, Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn has a summer program.
  8. by   hrlmMA
    white plains hospital center has a paid internship for students call them pays well!