LICH school of nursing brooklyn

  1. hello everyone,
    i'm planning to apply to lich..but i wanted some info from students that are currently in the program, graduated or going into the program. does anyone know how competitive it is? what do they look at most for accepting students?
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  3. by   ruaalien2
    I heard it was good and it was worth the look into...I totally forgot about it until I saw this post! Thanks!
  4. by   FLmomof5
    Good luck to you. I don't have an mom graduated from lich in 1958!
  5. by   wewe12
    hi there !!!!!!!, i am also thinking abut applying to Lich, but i dont know if they have posted their application up, and i dont know much about the school. am looking forward to some answers.
  6. by   emille
    If this reply isn't coming in too late.
    I am currently a senior at LICH. Will graduate May,2010(hopefully). As for the admissions, like any nursing school,it is competitive .However,they look at the entire package.So,even if your GPA is not the strongest, I would still encourage you to apply.Essay is particularly important and so is the entrance exam score.I hope you know that the school no longer takes NLN Scores but the TEAS.
    Any other questions, feel free to ask.
    My suggestion: Keep a back up school option always open.
  7. by   wewe12
    No.. it is not too late. thanks for replying. i want to applying for fall 2010. i dont know when their application process starts. do you have any idea whats going go now?
  8. by   emille
    Quote from wewe12
    No.. it is not too late. thanks for replying. i want to applying for fall 2010. i dont know when their application process starts. do you have any idea whats going go now?

    You can probably start working on your application at this time. the deadline is in March for early decision and April for late.
    Refer to for details.If you haven't taken the TEAS,time to prepare for it will also need to considered.Also the recommendations(I forgot to let you know earlier this is IMP too)
  9. by   wewe12
    Thanks a lots emille. i will get right on it. good luck in the progam, u are almost there!!!!.
  10. by   Each1Teach1
    I don't have such good ratings for LICH, especially for it's faculty. No one is there to help you! There are no advisors and if you do consult your professor, you'll be lucky to get anything senseful out of them. In addition to that, these professors (there's only 2 per grade) refuse to own up to their mistakes. I know multiple students who were kicked out of the program on a 74.0 to a 74.9 average because the school requires you to maintain a 75. Okay, that's fine BUT when the student has sufficient documentation to prove that the professor was wrong on multiple questions? These professors think they are perfect and will rub their degrees in your face. On another note, the school has 1...I down classroom in a very old building and on top of that, there was no heat in the entire building, leaving the students to sit very close together for heat with their coats on.
    One more thing, you'll need certain classes like Microbio and A&P, and Ethics, and couple Psych courses which is fine since they're pre-requsites, however, once you are enrolled at LICH, you are forced to take these classes at St. Francis College (much more expensive than a CUNY school).
  11. by   ruaalien2
    My friend that went to LICH, when I asked her how she liked it? Said straight out she wishes she went to Kingsbourgh.
  12. by   raiaslam
    Hi All, i applied to lichson for the 2010 fall semester. i am wondering what it takes to get into the school. i mean, how well you have to do on ur teas exam to get in. i am at 86% rank for national and 82% rank for program. My Adjusted individual is a measley 75.3%. i have no previous college and graduated HS in 1994. yes i am a old fart but not that old, (do the math). my gpa in HS was 77%.

    So the million doller question. what are my chances of getting in. for the people that have gotten into this school, what were ur scores?

    thanks for any replies.
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  13. by   dorad903
    I just got accepted and i didnt think i had a chance. I dont know essentially what made the difference for me but perseverance is the key. I called and made sure my app was in and if it had been reviewed. I got a call a week later to come in for the interview and received my call today saying i got accepted.
  14. by   raiaslam
    Congrats and hats off to u.
    thanks for reply! i called a couple of times and was told that my application is being reviewed, that was like 3 weeks ago. i didn't get a call for interview and thought that probably they have filled all the spots. well maybe they will give me a call. like u said, u never know. i have been accepted to touro college. i needed to send them a deposit by this past monday, which i did. i would have liked to attend lichson. i hear the program is easier. any how good luck with ur program and i wish u the best.
    by the way, how did u do on ur TEAS test and if u had any college classes? If u don't mind ofcourse. Just wondering.