Kingsborough Community College to a private BSN program.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone could shed some light on my situation. I'm a graduating high school senior who is highly interested in the field of Nursing. I have a question when it comes to transferring from KBCC to a private university BSN program.

    I'm looking to get my pre-requisites out of the way prior to my enrollment to a BSN program.

    Do the credits earned from Kingsborough transfer easily to a school such as College of Mt. St. Vincent?

    I plan on talking to my college advisor when registration rolls around but until then I thought maybe someone on this great website would be able to help me.

    Thanks so much.
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  3. by   guiltysins
    There shouldn't be a real problem as long as you take the same courses needed for the nursing degree at the 4 year university. You won't have any problems with the nursing pre-reqs, it might get messy with the other classes though (the college's core requirements for graduation). However, for the College of Mount Saint Vincent in particular, all pre-req courses have to be a B grade or better to be transferred.