Jobs for New RN Graduates in NYC

  1. In 2012, is it still extremely difficult to land a job as a newly minted registered nurse in a (NYNY) city hospital?
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  3. by   NYCRN16
    I don't know of any hospitals that are hiring new grads now, but you can try nursing homes.
  4. by   borlenz
    do you know any nursing homes in new york or even in new jersey? because I have the same problem . hope you guys can help me
  5. by   PRNketamine7
    There are hospitals in the area that will hire new grads. It is just extremely difficult to get the job. There are so many new grads in the area, not to mention nurses with experience. New York Prebyterian Hospital hires new grads, they have a residency program. But again, difficult to get into you have to have a great GPA and resume to even get an interview.
    Like the above post, I think the easiest place to get a job is in LTC, especially if you haven't worked in a hospital during school (or had an externship).