I just got into the ASS RN program at NCCC any tips?

  1. I just got into the RN program at Niagara County Community College in western NY not NYC. If there is anyone that has been in the program can you tell me what i'm in for i'll be taking on all the classes at once. I'm a little bit worried about this weeding out process but I'm a very good student and had good grades in high school so I think I should be okay. Yes I know college is completely different from high school. Any info would be awesome! Thanks!
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    Hello. I went to NCCC. The program is tough, but that's how a program that is preparing you to care for another human's life should be in my opinion. I'm not sure about the "weeding out" thing. People generally fail if they don't make enough points, that is how it works. Some people just can't grasp the information, some do not study, some have other things in life come up, and that is how failing occurs. You earn points by test grades, attending clinical, lab skills, and the final exam. Nursing I and II are not too bad, but some people have difficulty getting used to the types of questions on the exams. They are critical thinking questions. You can't just memorize and regurgitate information on test day, you truly have to learn the information and then apply it to specific situations. And all the stuff you learned/will learn in A&P, remember it because it all comes back in nursing lectures.

    My advice for this program is to keep organized and motivated! Do not fall behind and don't allow your stress or personal life to get in your way if possible. You will find what works for you in terms of studying. Some people will tell you that you have to study every single day, but that may not work for you. There are quite a few skill evaluations in NUR I and II. I would always get so nervous for those! But honestly, practicing in the lab and reviewing the Taylor book/videos should prepare you well enough to pass easily. Also, there is a lot of paperwork in NUR III and IV (A lot may be an understatement). There was a lot of complaining about this, but just do it because...well, you have to! haha. Also, because it helps you truly understand the entire nursing process which is pretty important!

    Some other advice: do not think about the tests after you hand them in. Do not discuss with others what answers they put for what questions. This leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety because with nursing exams you really won't know what the right answer is until you look over your graded test. I stopped talking to people about the exams in my final semester and my anxiety decreased dramatically.

    Good luck! Remember to stay motivated, find what works for you, manage your stress, and when you feel like you are going to explode from all the stress, know that you are not alone and keep on going!

    Also, I just realized that you mentioned you are taking all of the requirements at once. I actually had to wait a year to get in and took most of the sciences and such during that year to get them out of the way. The sciences themselves are no walk in the park. You are going to be busy busy busy! But there are plenty of people who do it and make it through!
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