Hospital Contracts/Tuition Help for AccBSN?

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  3. by   -jt
    I dont know if hospitals do that kind of thing in NYC. They dont have to. Most of their non-RN employees are unionized with SEIU/1199 & that contract already allows for tuition coverage for any non-RN employees to go to school for any other health-related career, including RN. You would have to be an employee in & in an 1199 union position for 1 year in order to be eligible.
  4. by   khrissi17
    I know hospitals in Jersey and Deleware does this but I'm not sure about NY and CT
  5. by   loriann
    I am an 1199 member, working as a social worker at a NYC hospital. I will be going to SUNY Downstate for the Accelerated BSN next June, but 1199 won't pay for my BSN. Basically, you have to work in order for 1199 to pay. Also, your supervisor has agree to an Educational Leave of Absence, which has to pertain to the work you do in the hospital (which is social work in my case).

    Since I don't qualify for an Educational Leave of Absence, 1199 won't pay.