HElP Relocating from CA to NY

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    Hello Ny nurses I'm new to this forum and have a few question. I'm currently waiting for my NCLEX PN results from CA that may take 1 Month. They don't participate in quick results :angryfire. I'm moving to NY in DEC I was just wondering what I need to do on my part to get the ball rolling to get licensed in NY? What type of jobs and location SNIFF or ACUTE place or locations the lpn that are newcommers to nursing apply for or get hired.

    Thank you

    PS Do i really have to take my nclex pn in NY agian?
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  3. by   CityKat
    If I'm not mistaken, you only have to apply for your NY-LPN license, not take the entire exam again. I know it works this way for the RN license. It's sad how long CA takes, right? I waited a month for my results of my RN license. I had friends in NY and in CA only wait 48 hours for their results.

    Either way, good luck to you. I <3 NY!!