GPA for transfer studuent ABSN or BSN

  1. Hi, I am currently a psychology and biology major. I am in my final year of my bachalor's degree. My GPA were above 3.5 in the start, but as I'm taking advanced classes for my biology major, my GPA has dropped to 3.0. I've never gotten an A in any math or science classes. In addition, I got a F in organic chemistry 2.

    Right now, I am not sure if I should complete my biology degree. I am failing my physics 2 class, but getting extremely high grade in Anatomy and Physiology 1 class. I only need 2 more biology advance classes to complete the degree.

    I only need Anatomy and Physiology 2 and maybe nutrition to complete all nursing pre-reqs. I have As and Bs in ABSN pre-reqs. At the same time, I'm afraid that the biology classes with drop my GPA.

    Should I complete my biology degree or should I finish the pre-reqs and try to apply to ABSN and BSN programs?
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