Forest HIlls and Maimonides

  1. Anyone ever work at either of these? I may be taking a travel assignment at one or the other. In med-surg or tele. What about the neighborhoods that they are in-- are they nice, as well?
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  3. by   camii
    I happen to be very familiar with both neighborhoods. I grew up in Rego Park and attended Forest Hills High School. It's a great neighborhood, pretty quiet if compared to other areas and also one of the most expensive places to rent in Queens.

    I've lived in Brooklyn for the past 3 years. Maimonides is in Sunset Park, which is a mostly hispanic neighborhood. 8th ave is predominately asian though. I wouldn't say it's a "bad" neighborhood, but if I had to choose, I'd have to go with Forrest Hills.
  4. by   Agent99
    Maimonides is in Borough Park, which is mostly Jewish.