Emergency Department Nurse Residency/Fellowship Program (post undergrad)

  1. Hi!

    I am about to enter my senior year of a BSN program, and lately, I have been thinking a lot about what field of nursing I want to be in. I have always really loved the emergency department, but I have heard that in New York you must complete a residency/fellowship program after graduation.

    I have been trying to look up these programs, but it seems that they are listed under actual job postings for most hospitals, so they a lot are not up right now and I am having trouble getting information on them. I can probably contact the hospitals about them as well, but I figured I would post on here first to get some advice and feedback if anyone has completed a program or knows anything about them. I would be looking at hospitals in NYC and Long Island area.

    Has anyone completed a program like this? Which hospitals offer these programs, and how competitive are they? I'm also a little nervous I won't be accepted!

    Any feedback you have would be great Thanks!
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