does anyone of u can discuss with me about "Physiologic cyst"

  1. Dear Pals,

    My mom had her radical mastectomy when i was 4 yrs. old (i'm turning 21 now this May 3) and we just found out that she's having a CA again but not on her breast this time but on her uterus. a 2.3cm cyst was revealed on her utz. but the OB can hardly explain to us where it came from. i know CA had recurrences, maybe i should consider this one as a recurrence. I just like to gather more information about that Physiologic thing on her uterus. Can it be melt by just taking drugs like GNLD products? or is a possible candidate for hysterectomy?
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  3. by   athomas91
    if it is CA - it is not physiologic - it is pathologic......??? and unfortunately - CA does come back - and migrates....sorry to hear that your mom has to go through it again.
  4. by   1styear
    I don't think I understand the scenario. The cyst has been found to have malignant cells? Do they feel confident it was very isolated? What was the recomended treatment regimen?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Is it a cyst or a mass? Difference being that the cyst is a fluid sac, and the mass is usually solid. Have they done a biopsy of the "cyst" to see what type of cells that it is comprised of? It could be a metastasis of the primary cancer that was in her breast, or actually something completely different. They won't be able to make an exact diagnosis without a biopsy, at the very minimum.........................

    Hope that this helps......................