Cochran School of Nursing (Yonkers)

  1. i got the call yesterday, i have been accepted into the fall evening program at cochran school of nursing! i'm so excited and have so much to prepare for. they said they will be sending out the acceptance letters along with other information that needs to get done (i.e. background check, drug test, physical, etc.). anyone else got accepted into the program? i can't wait to start, august 29th is just right around the corner!
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  3. by   Maacanto
    Congrats! I'll be applying there for the spring semester. What were your grades like?
  4. by   JasmDasm
    I had a 3.50 gpa, so I think that's a B+ overall. I did pretty well on the Entrance Exam too, so that helped. Make sure you get all your pre-reqs done. Good luck!!!
  5. by   Maacanto
    Thanks. Oh and one more thing, Funny you should say prerequistes, I have everything except for Sociology and I was registered for it in the summer but I was thinking about taking it in the fall instead. Will they not consider me if I don't have all prerequistes or one that is in progress?
  6. by   JasmDasm
    Depends. Are you going for Day or Evening classes? They might consider you if you're going for Day. For Evening, you need to have everything before you submit your application. Make sure you also have your high school math and chemistry done too.
  7. by   Maacanto
    Day Program. Yes, I do remember seeing that all the prereqs must be done for the evening program. Ok, thanks for the info. I'm going to write an admission counselor at Cochran just to confirm. Congrats again!
  8. by   JasmDasm
  9. by   Southern_87
    Congratulations and much success!!!!
  10. by   nadia_2013
    Did anyone get in for Spring 2013 at Cochran school of Nursing?
  11. by   cgrant
    I was ac
  12. by   cgrant
    Yes I was accepted to Cochran, will be starting in January.
  13. by   cgrant
    Quote from nadia_2013
    Did anyone get in for Spring 2013 at Cochran school of Nursing?
    I got accepted for spring 2013. I will be starting in January also I'm a day student. What are you, day or eve?
  14. by   nadia_2013
    I'm an evening student. My registration date is on the 10th of January. Did you buy any supplies yet?