CNA's - Got to start somewhere!

  1. I am really at my wit's end trying to find a nursing program that fits my certain situation. I know it can be done, but my gosh. I'm so tired of taking pre-req's. I recently submitted my application to the Cochran School of Nursing with my $25 application fee. I told the academic advisor I posses (2) degrees already AAS/BS and while one would think hey you're in - WRONG!! Since I received a C in my Anatomy and Physiology II, they only accept C+ and better. So now, I have to take microbiology over and A&P 2. Bummer!!Well as I was browsing along, I came along Nursing Assistant study online. It seemed interesting, but really is it even recognized or credential properly(legit). Seems as though, they are quick to get your $645, then what? Who's going to hire you afterwards?

    Check out this link and see what you think?
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