Centro by Palm....... Need inputs

  1. hey guys just curious if anyone has the sprint phone centro by palm smartphone and if they use for school or work. such as using it to download reference charts, textbooks etc. how is it? are you happy with it? is it reliable??? etc

    all inputs are greatly appreciated.

    just in case this is the phone im talking about. http://www.palm.com/us/products/smar.../centro/#specs

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  3. by   User123456
    i have a tx , i had a tmobile dash which was windows based but i found alot more stuff for palm. i liked having a separate phone from the pda because sometimes phones arent allowed because they interfere with medical equip. i love the tx. but go to a palm store to play with them inperson. its hard to pick a pda or smart phone just from pics online. good luck!