Can NY Nurses receive travel housing in NY?

  1. Here is the story. I wanted to try out travel nursing specifically for the housing voucher benefit. So I got an email from white glove agency about open med/surg position in NY. When I spoke with the recruiter, she said the rate would be $36/hr for a 13 week assignment. Then I asked about the housing. She said that their agency does not pay for housing for local nurses, only if your coming from out of state. Is this true for white glove? Also, $36 for a "travel nurse" seems low to me, especially if they are not giving housing. I know of NY nurses who do travel assignments in Ny and have housing vouchers. Please advise.
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    The travel rate sounds awful low. And most travel companies offer either a stipend or housing, regardless of where you live.