Can I go straight into nursing school after high school?

  1. Im in my junior year of high school and my future has really been on my mind. I plan on becoming a nurse Practitioner here in New York, i also plan on attend a school here in New York,but In my school they don't prepare us for "the real world". I have a couple of questions in hope anyone can help.
    Can I go straight into medical school after I graduate high school?
    Can I get a bachelors degree in nursing without my associates degree?
    How Can I prepare myself for nursing school?
    Do you have any recommendations on book I can start reading?
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  3. by   adrianjh99
    in regards to med school, I know Hofstra and NYIT have combined Bs/MD programs. where you complete prereqs the first 3/4 years then you start med school.

    You can get your bachelor degree in nursing without getting your associates in nursing.