BMCC Nursing 2012

  1. I am taking the exam on tuesday dec 6 at 1:00 who's with me??
    Can of nervose and I don't know what to expect
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  3. by   cabrini28
    Hello everyone,
    Just took my hesia2 exam today. Does anyone know when do they let you know if you got in or not.
  4. by   cabrini28
    Hi Stole 238,
    If you don't mind me asking how did it go. I didn't find the exam that hard. However I only studied the book for a day or two. Had I studied a little more and refreshed my memory I would have gotten a much higher over all score. Do you know what is a good score in the critical thinking part?
  5. by   marta248
    hey guys,

    i will be taking the exam in may. can you please advise which questions did you have?
    i am very nervous, i got to take a&p 2 without chem with dept permission. Would i have a problem on my test? were there any chem questions involved?
    Please advise.