1. Is it necessary to have a BSN in order to get a job at a good hospital? I have a bachelors degree in biology and loans from graduate school. I have applied to accelerated BSN programs but I think it would be best for me to work full time and do an evening or weekend associate program. I just want to make sure that this won't end up hurting me in the end when I start to look for a job. I would love to work at Sloan-Kettering one day. I was also wondering how hard it would be to do an RN-BSN bridge program and how long it would take with already having a bachelors degree or if I would be able to start right into a masters program since I have a bachelors degree. If anyone could help me out and answer my questions I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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  3. by   Doofy
    I've heard of a few hospitals (mostly in the city) that require a BSN. But I heard that in different threads on this forum. Not first hand experience.

    If you have to work, than the ADN is probably your best bet. What's another year of loans. If you can get into a 12 month program, you can be a RN pretty quickly. Going through ADN programs, assuming you need to do most of the prereqs, will take you at least 2 years. If through CUNY, probably a minimum of 3.

    As for going for a masters in the future, I belive only CrNA requires a BSN. Most other majors will allow a ADN+Bachelors. I won't be surprised if they ask you to make up 2 or 3 prereq courses beforehand.
  4. by   chestrockwell
    I know that NYU requires a BSN, and that Mt. Sinai will hire an ADN if you are currently enrolled in a BSN program and will graduate within a year. I believe most of the other hopitals- Lenox Hill, Sloan Kettering, Presbyterian- for example- will hire ADN's. Go for whatever degree is more feasable for right now, because you can always complete an RN-BSN online later on, if need be.
  5. by   scorpinayj
    Hey all!! I had an inteterview w/ a nurse manager in a specialty NYC hospital fri, Feb. 2nd. That monday, i received a call from the RN recruiter saying that the nurse manager would like to offer me a full time position for the unit i applied for. She also requested if she may check my references, and i said yes. My question is: how long does this process usually take?? I am an RN w/ about 1 year of ICU experience applying for an ICU position. I had a great interview w/ the RN manager and the whole event has made me realize that this is truly the job that i've been longing for, my dream job! My 1st experience is from a hospital that I worked in as a student nurse intern. Since they liked me, they let me stay on per-diem while i finished my last sem in nursing school. Soon afer graduation, i started working in the ICU. I was unhappy w/ the night shift & mandatory every other weekends that I ended up being attracted to the OR (weekdays M-F 7-3). I had a great professional relationship w/ my director and she arranged for an easy transition for me to the OR. I gave my ICU mgr at least 2 mos. notice, but when i started in the OR, i was totally miserable. I missed the ICU and i realized that i'd give everything, that i'd rather work nights and even every weekends just so i could be back there. I ended up being in the OR for 3 weeks, and I asked for my termination to take effect ASAP. I had an exit intvw. w/ the HR dept., where i was told that they totally understand me and warned me of being careful next time not to burn bridges. I was also told that it's "ok" for me to list that job as my prof. reference. Now, I listed my ICU mgr and my director as references. And I haven't heard from the recruiter since!! I'm in total anxiety, considering that i really really really want this job. Anyone have any opinions?? My greatest fear are: 1) not hearing from the "dream job" at all 2) receiving a letter in the mail stating to "apply again next time" (ie: turning me down). I need any opinion/critiques!!!